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Project Brief

Motorola Solutions approached our team with the challenge to develop new products, services, or systems that could help in building trust between first responders and citizens in the community. 


Motorola Solutions

My Role

Interviewed 3 police officers and former Chief Data Officer of Chicago. Guided our design team to create a platform that enables police and communities to ethically work together to find "solvability factors" of non emergent issues. Designed a functional digital prototype of Pulse platform in Figma.


The final concept was selected as top project for further development by Motorola and awarded $5,000 seed funding; we are currently exploring opportunities to take the project forward. 


What we heard

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Our Chicago-based team started by exploring the ways citizens currently communicate to the city regarding non-emergent issues. The primary means of communication we found to be 311, police reports, and CAPS (Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy) meetings. Unfortunately each of these tools has significant challenges.

  • 311 is flooded with close to 100,000 calls per week
  • Police reports are time intensive to fill out
  • CAPS meetings are unattended.

Here's what we heard from citizens...

Our team also spoke with  police officers and gained some key insights. When a police officer is making a decision on whether or not to respond to a call, it comes down to two things: 1) What is the level of safety threat to the community? and 2) How “solvable” is the issue. “Solvability factors” are critical to deciding if an incident report is worth a police officer’s time. These factors include details such as

  • Suspect description
  • Time of incident
  • Suspect’s vehicle description

The more solvability factors that are known, the better use of a police officer’s time.

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How could we get the information from the community into a helpful form for police to use?

How could we help citizens to see the value of their participation and urge them to file reports?

Our team built a new information exchange system called Pulse.

Our Solution

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The platform text-mines keywords from police reports, 311/911 calls, search engines and public social media posts to identify emerging crime issues in a neighborhood. Citizens affected by the developing issue are notified and then have the opportunity to collaborate with police to solve these community challenges. Check out the system diagram below

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This solution is a fairly complex concept, so our team acted out scenarios as well as created comic book visuals to see Pulse in action, we used the all-to-common Chicago issue of package theft.

The current scenario

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...but what if the story didn't end there? What if we created a collaborative community interaction...


Prototype Gallery



Interviewed: 3 police officers, Chicago citizens, Chicago Chief Data Officer, 311 employees

Prototyped: Citizen interactions via digital assistant, mobile, push-to-talk, facebook ads 

Tested: Platform "voice", interaction, and usability with citizens and police (shown above).

Prototypes + Testing


Testing our "digital"  interaction with our client 


Getting user feedback on our social media interaction

Client Presentation

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